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July 2007
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In this exciting episode, MP2 promises to tell us of the adventures of the Chronic Argonauts, then utterly fails to do so. Then they chatter about Season 1 of Lost. Will MP1 go on another skeptical rant? There's only one way to find out!

Well, a bunch of ways, actually. You could just write and ask us.  We don't mind.

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On today's episode, our Superb Sanity-Synonyms consider that happiest of all topics, the End of the World. Which apocalypse is apocalypsiest? And how is Dr. Who involved? They also talk about the Superfriends, unless I cut that part out. I forget.
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Our special Halloween show, broadcast in costume!
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By popular demand (ok, by demand of Masked Podcaster 2), we're releasing this episode in its horrifying original form.
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Due to unanticipated technical brilliance, our last podcast entry was an avant-garde masterpiece in the spirit of John Cage's "4:33". However, since the human race is not yet ready for the sheer genius of our oevre, we will be supplementing it with a podcast of a similar title and the same length, but with far inferior content. Enjoy... shortly.
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For those who insist on the degrading mundanities of actual content, here is another version of "Roswellapalooza", this time featuring 100% more agony. Enjoy.
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The Masked Podcasters face monsters from the cookie-eating to the world-vanquishing. They brave the forest primeval to match wits with Bigfoot. They battle mysterious aliens from outer space. They pretend to read the Silmarillion. The phrase "bionic soul" is spoken, which should tell you all you need to know.

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This week, our lions of lucidity enlist the aid of the Superfriends, the Scooby Gang, and Doctor Who against evil French versions of the Borg and CON!!!! Now featuring 30% less pain.

Promo: Heaven - Season Three: Earth by Mur Lafferty

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Psychic phenomena. Sylvia Browne. The Time Cube. Biorhythms. The Kennedy assassination. Criswell. This is Masked Podcaster One, inviting you to join us as we go in search of... the Not Insane Podcast. This podcast presents information based in no part on theory and conjecture. The podcasters' purpose is to suggest not some possible explanation, but necessarily the only one, to the mysteries we will examine.

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This week our hosts, famous for the perfection of their sanity and the mysteriousness of their masks, are ambushed by elite shock troops from the future. Our compos mentis co-hosts strike back with chanting and world-rending recursive logic. Somehow or other, fembots are involved.

By the way, if you want to contact the masked podcasters, and/or have your email read on our show, contact us at
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